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I wanted to go walk around the market but if I do, I'll be late for a 9.30am meeting with a potential client.
Now I am resentful even before I've met him.

To the question "You still don't have a paralegal?!"
Yes, I still don't have a paralegal and I draft everything from scratch.
Because I do not want to deal with anymore bitch fights between secretaries and paralegals on who should be doing what.
Because I am sick of bad cut and paste jobs and like to think about every word I use.
Because I like the fact that I can guarantee my clients that if they send me a file, I will personally look through every document in it, not someone else.

And that's the reason why I will never run a large enterprise, a fiefdom, or a sweat shop.
I will never be rich or wildly successful.
But I form good relationships with people who value me and that is enough for me.
So please don't try to compare my profit margins or the state of my desk with others.
I am not a rain maker. I will offer you a drink and carry my cabbage umbrella when it rains to make you laugh.

I just stood on my head in T's cubicle while briefing him on a file and he was completely nonplussed.
That's why we get along.

Cabbage umbrella irl.

You know what really annoys me?
People who cannot name chain collision vehicles in alphabetical order like D collided into C collided into B collided into A.
So I end up having an accident report reading like this:
"Vehicle C stop and Vehicle A stop. Suddenly Vehicle B collide into Vehicle A and push it into Vehicle C which hit Vehicle D."
I want to slap this person.

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Today is my piano teacher's death anniversary.
It's been a year. The pain didn't get better. I still tear up on my way to the train, when I think about certain pieces of music, when I sit at the piano, in between real life.
I'm still not sure I will ever get over this.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother wearing a watch / bracelets when they mostly lie in a pile next to my phone.

Someone walked into my office this evening, took in the piles of files everywhere, and told me that she felt stressed out just standing in my room.
Actually, I thought today was one of the better days for my desktop. And I have fresh flowers too.

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Help. I want the Parker Big Red.

On the day where 34degC is expected, I suffer from an inability to braid my hair. Right.

A man in a wheelchair almost ran me over wtf.

What I now say may not be a principle in law, but I believe that it is a treasured value in humanity, and that is that no parent would want her child to grow up thinking that she (the child) was a mistake…Baby P should not ever have to grow up thinking that her very existence was a mistake.

Choo Han Teck J is my new hero.

I think I haven't gone to a hot class for too long. I gave up at the last third of the class. I did learn a new arm balance though so all is not lost.

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breaking the duct

Whatsapp conversation with a few people this afternoon…

Me: D! Which side of the Court should we be sitting!!
C: Don’t you guys always try to get the right side anyways?
Me: Nono we always sit on the left and lose…
C: Hahaha…then try the right this time!
Me: Problem – we sat on the right side for [some other case we lost].
A: Lol
Me: Ok we got the right side.

[one hour later]

Me: The right side is the correct side.
A: What was the result?
Me: We won!


So we went straight from Court to the nearest pub and drank a bottle of champagne.


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Me: If I give you $2 for mopping the floor and you spend $1, you still have $1 to keep for another day.
A: What if you give me $2 and I give you $2 back?
Me: Why would you give me $2 back?
A: Because I want you to have it.

S: What if you give me $10?
Me: Why would I give you $10? You'll have to help Mummy do something first.
S: How about $6?
Me: !!!

We won! So we go straight from Court to Harry's and drank a bottle of Champagne.
And I wonder why my daughter, when I put the wrong toothpaste on her toothbrush last night, asked me whether I was drunk…

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I think it is quite evident that your way of leading life isn't really working out. So why do you keep suggesting that I do things your way? Are you trying to ruin my life too?

Secretary A went to Core class with me today! We both fell off different poses and almost kicked each other. Oopsss…

Going by today, I foresee that this week will go like this:
Monday – Restless.
Tuesday – Nervous (am) On edge (pm)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – Uninspired while getting over the Appeal on Tuesday
Not much work is going to get done by any of us.

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Waldstein –
All that lovely finger work!!
It never fails to drive me forwards, reminds me of the importance of hard work, checking everything twice, sounding it out slowly before you can fly anf sing like an angel.

S picked a CD from the rack and asked me to play it.
It was the Young Guns II CD.
So man!

Took the kiddies to the Children's Garden at Gardens by the Bay.
We spent a great amount of time digging around in the sand. Then some kid came over and started playing with us. She had no adult with her for like 1.5 hours! It was so weird.
S really enjoyed the slides.
After lunch, we walked through Cloud Forest then headed home.

Dude, why do you have so many issues?
They are already giving you part of a house! What more do you want?
I am given nothing and I almost wasn't even borne for crying out loud!
Get on with the programme already!
If you need therapy, go and do it! And remember not to charge it to my card. I don't owe you anything.

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I have decided that I should be kinder to my own feelings.

I was in the toilet upstairs when I heard A crying bitterly downstairs starting on a litany of complaints against S about hurting her feelings.
I was wondering whether I should intervene when suddenly I heard a small voice from S tittering on about something and then suddenly, they are playing together again.
Maybe it is easier to resolve conflicts if we are more emotionally honest with each other.

Hence I started this year resolving to be emotionally honest with the people around me, especially with my children.

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How would I describe myself?
Awkward. I am not a conventional pretty face. Nothing fits right on me. I smile too much and laugh too loudly at nothing at all. I don't do small talk very well.

I can't talk to most people about music because I'll lost them when I say "Erno Dohnanyi" and sing a Rachmaninov Song in my false soprano. I can't talk to most people about books because I lost them when I name all of David Mitchell's novels in chronological order and talk about the virtues of Slavic literature. I can't talk about movies because I simply don't watch any! I come up with snappy oneliners after the event.

I can't even talk about food because when I mention that I make my own pasta sauce, I don't own a rice cooker or a microwave oven, and I beat my own marshmallows, people don't want to talk to me anymore!

No one can take me seriously when I tell them seriously that my life goal at the moment is to do an unsupported headstand, when I carry this freakishly orange handbag, and records trial dates in a diary with The Very Hungry Caterpillar on its cover.

Even my own sisters would rather talk about how my hair looks or about my clothes than talk to me about normal things.

I am THE Queen of Awkward. I am the Elephant in the Room. I am that odd shaped fruit that doesn't fit in the carton so you look at it with pity and wonder what to do about it, then stash it in the bargain box and hopes that no one notices.

I am The Surplus Child.

But you know what?
All things considered, I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me.

I was trying to figure out how I could run all my errands during lunch and make it back in time for court at 2.30pm. Then I remembered that today is Friday and eating is optional.
Sometimes not having to think about food sets you free.

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Life is not about catch phrases and inspirational anthems.
Hope (and optimism), like the reserve tank in your car, comes from a place deep within and off the meter.

Insulting me is not going to fix your problems. Actually sitting down to stare it down and do the work is.

Possibly the most pointless conversation today in the pantry –
He: Filling water?
Me: Yes
He: Are you taking hot water or cold water?
Me: Warm water.
He: Why don't you take half hot and half warm?
Me: I like to drink warm water.
He: Okay.

Best answer all day:
"I'm the last to know because beyond my pay grade"

"Maybe you should let HR know you don't prefer candidates like this."
"Hey, I'm not hiring. He is. My response was personal."
"So why the huge response?"
"Risk of adulteration."

Another day goes by.
This is like an exercise in figuring out what x is, x being the number of days it takes for one to forget about waiting or give up completely, whichever happens sooner.

Blind date fail –
The girl didn't turn up because the intermediary mixed up the dates. I ended up drinking with the dude.
Luckily we enjoy each other's company. And there were chicken wings.

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