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I just told my mother that I can't talk about my sister or it makes me frustrated and annoyed.
I am not my sister's mother. I should not be vexed or responsible for her bad behaviour.

You know what annoys me?
Skinny people who post diet tips on Facebook.
I respect that you want to look like Skeletor. Please respect the fact that I'm not interested in participating in your journey to Snake Mountain.

The strange text messages I got this morning:

" Have u arranged with Msig or avocado to pay to the public trustee"

" How many days leave do your las get a year. For example your tummy?"

My tummy is off on Mondays, by the way. I'm trying to convince it to quit it's job altogether and stay home.

And I look forward to the day I can ask my clients to pay avocadoes to the Public Trustee instead of damages.

Tobacco. Like smoke. Barely even there. When the air clears, there's just that lingering presence of smell and taste.

Just gave a seminar to a buncha disinterested dudes.
The best kind of seminar ever.


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