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The Hainanese Clan πŸ˜€


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Here’s wishing everyone who drops by a happy and prosperous Year of the Horse!

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"Is the bathroom clean?"
"It is so shiny I am blinded."

I'm running late for the next two reunion dinners because I forgot ro defrost the meat for the first steamboat. Crap.

All three reunion dinners complete!
Now to go home, drink a shot of umeshu and crash.
See you in the year of the horse.

Ate too much.
Now sitting here nursing a digestif (honey liquer + cat whiskers grass tea) hoping to feel less bloated on the morrow.
At least my bathrooms are clean.

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Sometimes I wonder whether I am required to sell my soul to get a taxi to take me home.

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I barely got into the train this morning standing right at the door, hugging my bag to my chest.
Before the door closed, this dude shaped like a pear shoved me from behind. My arm was stacked against the woman in front of me. I scrunched myself smaller. The doors closed. The train lurched forward. The woman whose arm I was in contact with exchanged awkward looks with me. I could feel the resistance of the Pear's belly on the small of my back and the Pear's breath on the top of my head.

That was most awkward.

At least the Pear looked clean. And he was carrying a copy of Catch 22.

On fighting fire with fire:
We can only both get hurt. But you leave me with no choice.
In the words of The Buddha, live by the sword, die by the sword.

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There are some feelings that you can’t run away from.

Like how people who make you feel depressed as a child will always continue to make you feel depressed no matter how old you grow, no matter how much distance you put between, no matter how far you have come.

You just find more ways to cope, to hide, to get away, to endure. But it never really goes away.

Then there are the times you can’t cope, hide or get away. That’s when it hits you like a ton of bricks.

Then what?

You write yourself little notes. Shred them. Have a drink. Carry on.


I am not bitter.

I am not usually petty or mean-spirited.

This is not permanent.

Mela can get through this.

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I don't want to play Happy Family with you. Thank you very much.

6.15pm Core Class
It was quite a nice and balanced class today. Except that there were these three teenage girls from an art school in class taking selfies, and a boy on the mat next to me who kept grunting.
I had to work extra hard to block them out. As a result, I was extra zen.

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