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About 3 to 4 weeks back, while we were walking to the car to go home, The Other Half asked me, “Do you want your birthday present now?”

“What?!” said I. “No!!!”

“Okay,” said he. “I thought that if you wanted it now you could use it this weekend. If you don’t want it, then don’t look in the boot later when I open it.”

“Why did you tell me!!! Now I will spend all this time wondering what you got me!!”

Then when we got home later, I asked him, “You bought me an appliance, didn’t you?”

There was a pregnant pause. Then he replied, “What makes you think I bought you an appliance?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, “We have been discussing appliances lately.”

He sniggered. I was so sure he bought me a kitchenaid. I thought about all the marshmallows I would make and was secretly very excited.

Then on Saturday night, while I was having a quiet word with Lion downstairs, The Other Half and Peanut sneaked upstairs and Peanut came down bearing the present for Mummy.

My first response was, “You didn’t buy me an appliance!!”

The Other Half burst out laughing.

It’s a lovely handbag! In just the right colour and size and shape! And because I spent all this time thinking about receiving an appliance, it came as an even bigger surprise than it was.

“So did you deliberately got me to think that you bought me an appliance?” I asked.

“Not really,” said he. “You did that all by yourself!”


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Happy mid-autumn festival to all ๐Ÿ˜€

I read with interest about the collapse of Gramophone in the papers this morning.

The one Gramophone I will always remember would be the large one near the back of Specialist Shipping Centre where an ex-boyfriend spent many hours going through second hand Mandopop CDs while I pop into Music Essentials a few doors down to do some research on books to buy for my piano students.

When he left the country, I clearly remembered the disconnect I felt from the relationship as more and more of the places we used to hang out at closed down or moved away. Even the house we lived in was demolished. There was nowhere I could go to relive any memories, to remember better days, to rekindle all of those nice and fuzzy feelings that kept people together in that very Pet Shop Boys โ€œJust think back to the first time we were in loveโ€ way.

It felt like the only logical thing would be to give it up and move on. And give up and move on I did.

So maybe the collapse of Gramophone is a sign for me to complete the moving on by deleting him from my Facebook account, an idea I have been toying with for a while now.

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chocolate biscuits

chocolate cookies with chocolate ganache

chocolate cookies with chocolate ganache

the bowl-cleaners

the bowl-cleaners

the cleaned out bowl of chocolate ganache

the cleaned out bowl of chocolate ganache

I love baking with the kids around ๐Ÿ˜€

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the shadow within the pink salt caramel

What would you do if someone told you that she had once, without your knowlege or consent, gambled with your life?

I was first stunned silent. Then I spent the last 4 years or so wondering whether I should be angry because that one decision may very well have significantly screwed up a whole chunk of my life.

Seriously, why did she even tell me?! It’s not something you can ever un-hear or forget and it screws your life over a second time.

It sucks, no matter which way you try and look at it from. Especially when, even now, you are not even entirely sure whether said person is pleased with the outcome of the gamble.

Then you realise that no matter what you do it is just never going to be good enough. History cannot be re-written.

But ultimately, happiness is a choice. At least you now have a better understanding of the past: of your past, of the choices made and the things said.

It is now time to get on with your life, liberated.

Mela is a survivor. Mela can do this.

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