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First, we start by telling them that we are going to a Palace to find a Princess.

Then, we make up stories for the exhibits. For example:

Look at all this jade and jewellery boxes! These are the Princess’s things! She left them behind while fleeing the Witch!

You see that big metal pot (300BC) over there with the legs and the weird carvings on the side? The witch uses the pot to cook babies for dinner. Omnomnomnom!!

You see that large tower carved out of ivory? The witch trapped the Princess at the very top floor of the tower. Look into the tower! Is the Princess there? No? Oh well, she must have run away! Quick! Let’s go see if she is in the other room!

You see the cabbage carved out of jade and the piece of stone that looks like meat? The Witch wanted to turn the Princess to stone but she missed because the Princess runs very fast. So she accidentally turned the dinner into stone. If you are noisy, the Witch will turn you into stone too!

Then at the end of the journey, the Princess had inevitably escaped from the palace with the Prince (who carries an ancient jade-adorned sword which is also on display in one of the rooms). So we buy a cabbage-shaped umbrella because it is so hot out there, and leave in a taxi for Taipei 101 for lunch and a walkabout.


What a great adventure 😀


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