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the truth about hot dogs

Because the truth about hot dogs is this: no smell in the world promises so much and delivers so little. Even as a kid when you buy it you find it tastes of nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. The biggest zero ever. A warm, bland mush as far removed from the perfume it adds to the night air as a lotus flower from the slime that spawns it.

It’s as if some master perfumer and necromancer had foreseen all the broken promises of your life to come, all the pangs of unrequited love and unreturned letters; the torment of watching a phone that never rings; the bright expectancy of fresh hope at breakfast, in ruins by sunset…it was as if he took all these things and blended them into a single fragrance and called it whatever the French is for Disappointment…Désolé or Chagrin or something. The smell of hot dogs on the Prom at night. The scent of pure Chagrin.

Malcolm Pryce


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