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First, we start by telling them that we are going to a Palace to find a Princess.

Then, we make up stories for the exhibits. For example:

Look at all this jade and jewellery boxes! These are the Princess’s things! She left them behind while fleeing the Witch!

You see that big metal pot (300BC) over there with the legs and the weird carvings on the side? The witch uses the pot to cook babies for dinner. Omnomnomnom!!

You see that large tower carved out of ivory? The witch trapped the Princess at the very top floor of the tower. Look into the tower! Is the Princess there? No? Oh well, she must have run away! Quick! Let’s go see if she is in the other room!

You see the cabbage carved out of jade and the piece of stone that looks like meat? The Witch wanted to turn the Princess to stone but she missed because the Princess runs very fast. So she accidentally turned the dinner into stone. If you are noisy, the Witch will turn you into stone too!

Then at the end of the journey, the Princess had inevitably escaped from the palace with the Prince (who carries an ancient jade-adorned sword which is also on display in one of the rooms). So we buy a cabbage-shaped umbrella because it is so hot out there, and leave in a taxi for Taipei 101 for lunch and a walkabout.


What a great adventure 😀

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going away

The week leading up to long leave is the longest ever.

I stayed at work on Friday till 9pm to file some submissions which are actually due next week but The Buddha wanted to file them before I went on leave.

The last time I was away for this long (2 whole weeks!) was to St Petersburg. Before any of the kids ever came along. Maybe that explains The Buddha’s insecurities.

So we start by first celebrating my father’s birthday:

May 18 2013

Then tomorrow! We will be traipsing all over Taiwan. First time on the plane for the kids. *crosses fingers*

Hope we make it through in one piece and no frayed tempers.

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Peanut to Lion:

Are you a big bad wolf? If you are then we send you to the zoo! You understand?

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the truth about hot dogs

Because the truth about hot dogs is this: no smell in the world promises so much and delivers so little. Even as a kid when you buy it you find it tastes of nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. The biggest zero ever. A warm, bland mush as far removed from the perfume it adds to the night air as a lotus flower from the slime that spawns it.

It’s as if some master perfumer and necromancer had foreseen all the broken promises of your life to come, all the pangs of unrequited love and unreturned letters; the torment of watching a phone that never rings; the bright expectancy of fresh hope at breakfast, in ruins by sunset…it was as if he took all these things and blended them into a single fragrance and called it whatever the French is for Disappointment…Désolé or Chagrin or something. The smell of hot dogs on the Prom at night. The scent of pure Chagrin.

Malcolm Pryce

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While sitting at a tiny table looking at floor plans, listening to calculations, I thought about how wrong it all was, reducing space to a number and a price.

“Thank you. We need to think about this.”

“Huh?! Still need to think ah?!”

That question, my friend, was the deal breaker; not extolling the virtues of the now barren neighbourhod twenty years from now nor boring me with considerations irrelevant to me.

It was that single question, which really is quite apt an end to pondering the issue of suitable reduction: of the limitations of numbers and their absolute inadequacy in describing that concept of space.

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But I said nothing because forcing a smile on to a face that sees little reason to smile and getting on with it is all part of the job.

I feel you, Louie Knight.

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