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I just spent most of today fighting the crowd at the Marine Life Park at RWS with the kids.

[It’s a lovely place, by the way. We stood in front of the deep sea observation in near silence for a long while. Just wished it was less crowded.]

While walking along, I kept wondering about what I should be saying about the year soon to be past.

Peering at jelly fishes with Peanut and Lion, I realised that the exercise is futile because there really isn’t anything specific I could say about the last 365 or so days.

Maybe because I’ve reached a stage in my life where I am able to take most things thrown at me with quite good humour.

My intern who sat in my office for 3 weeks watching me do all kinds of things while giggling (nervously and maniacally most times) asked me how I do it.

I have no answer. Maybe I’m in a groove this year. God knows. What I do know is that I’ve never been more thankful for my ability to laugh under any kind of circumstances. I’d really needed that at quite a few points this year.

So without further ado, may we all be better people in the new year.


Happy New Year from all of us!

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the christmas post

my only pict from this christmas

my only pict from this christmas

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas of good eats and good times with the family. We sure did!

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Peanut to hicupping Daddy:

Why don’t you just go to the doctor and take medicine, Daddy?

Daddy replied:

It’s not something a doctor can help me with, Ally.

Peanut says wisely:

Daddy, you just eat too much, right?

And she’s just 4 years old. They grow up so very quickly.

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the sky has shattered into countless fragments
the grass is turning green
the cows they leap into the air
somersaults to a tambourine

purple drops of water dislodged
themselves from a sea of red
then planted onto yellow brances
turning into grapes

while fishes walk with dexterity
birds swim with such speed
what remained of the scarlet ocean
bubbled and gurgled with glee

and the world moved on amidst the fragments
the blinding shower of stars
stood you and i
under the cows
you asked me:

are we ill from the same disease?


But of course the world didn’t end! It’s 冬至 today! My mother will singlehandedly ensure that the world did not end so that we can all eat 汤圆. And we all know that my mother is THE Higher Authority.


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on beauty and stupidity

From Nevsky Prospekt by Nikolay Gogol:

Stupidity, however, can be particularly appealing in a pretty wife. At least, I know of many husbands who are delighted by their wives’ stupidity and see evidence in it of childlike innocence. Beauty can work perfect miracles. Instead of inspiring revulsion, all spiritual defects in a beautiful woman become unusually attractive: even vice can be attractive in them. But should beauty fade, then a woman needs to be twenty times cleverer than her husband to inspire, if not love, at least respect.

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In the current climate of politicians cheating on their wives, I remembered how an ex-boyfriend, the one whom I suspected had cheated on me while we had a long distance relationship, told me before we officially broke up how he met a girl whom he got along with like a house on fire.

I get along with her because she reminded me a lot of you.

Was the fact that she reminded him a lot of me supposed to make the subsequent fact that he cheated on me with her better?

Funny how the human mind works.

It didn’t in fact make it better but by that time, I wasn’t really interested in continuing with the relationship anymore either so I didn’t quite apply my mind to it. There was also quite a bit of overlap between the time I decided in my heart not to continue and the time the break up actually happened so the cheating is in a little bit of a grey area.

Now, recalling it several years later, it really didn’t make much sense now, did it? How could I have let that slide given that logical cohesion is very important to me? That’s why when I have arguments with people and I can’t make the logical connection, I get all upset and riled up. For example:

A: I am asking you for costs of the application because you made me show up.
Me: I didn’t ask you to show up. It doesn’t even concern you! I only notified you by letter as a matter of courtesy.
A: I knew about it so I had to show up so you owe me costs.
Me: *head explodes*

Then again, we are talking about someone who flew in one day late for my wedding [and insisted that I told him the wrong day], then gave me a present which would remind me of him when I am marrying someone else. So I supposed logic isn’t really his strong suit.

Cheating is bad and wrong. If you are going to cheat, at least make sure that your excuses and arguments make sense. It’s bad enough that you are betraying someone’s trust. Please don’t screw around with their intellectual bearings while you’re at it.

For me, that particular relationship really screwed my head up for quite a while before I returned into general circulation. Till this day, when I see my son playing with the toy he sent me for Valentines’ Day one year, I still sometimes wished to call him and tell him: Don’t you see?!? You sent me a cow which you thought was a hippo for my HIPPO collection!!

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Last Friday afternoon, I (almost) swam through the afternoon downpour just so that I could get to Court to attend to get to a mention early to avoid that smirk and the accompanying snide remarks from a judge that I have never had much luck with.

While queuing up to get into Chambers with wet socks and shoes feeling sorry for myself, I wondered aloud why I am already all grown up, have had the same job for the last 10 years yet every time I was made to queue up there, I would feel that something bad would most definitely happen, like my case would be dismiss before I open my mouth even if the other guy rear-ended me after falling asleep at the wheel. I was sick of standing there waiting solemnly while mentally making myself as small and as unobtrusive as possible so that it’d be easier to avoid anything hurled my way.

It really shouldn’t be like this! I really shouldn’t be made to feel this way! In fact, no one should ever be made to feel this way!!

The rest of the people queuing up agreed and cheered me on.

My turn came. I went in. I calmly presented my case and answered questions posed and tendered the documents asked for. I was the epitome of helpfulness. I spoke slowly and clearly and stood my ground and made eye contact and tried my best to come across as confident and poised.

And I still got a bad indication.

I grimaced and shook my head. The rest of the people queuing up collectively sighed and deflated, waiting their turn with their heads bowed and going through the usual mental exercise of making themselves as small and as unobtrusive as possible before heading in for their turn.

Just goes to show that some things are just incapable of being altered no matter how much positive thinking goes into it.

Oh well. Can’t change it, can’t avoid it. So no choice but to suck it up and pretend that it’s good for character building, as if I needed any more character building at my vintage.

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