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Through a rushed dinner of fried noodles prepared by my father that evening, I explained to Peanut:


Maybe it was my tone of voice, or maybe she just instinctively knew that something sad had happened, Peanut started to weep. I gave her a big hug and told her that it was not her fault and assured her that no one was upset with her.

Fast forward to last Friday.

My mother came home from her outing with her friends while the kiddies and I were lounging on the couch watching TV after dinner.

Peanut clambered off the couch, ran up to my mother for a hug, and asked: 婆婆,你没有难过了对吗?

My mother, of course, looked rather confused until I related the question back to the earlier incident.

My mother laughed and hugged Peanut tighter and said: 婆婆看到你就不难过了!


And you know what? There really isn’t any point in being existential. None at all.


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