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My mother wanted me to be on leave last Friday so that she could take a break from watching the children and meet up with her friends. I checked my schedule and quite unfortunately, noted an AD hearing scheduled for Friday afternoon, and for a matter for which I am a 10%-only interested party. Oops.

So when I met the counsels involved in that hearing in Court early last week, I told them: My mother has ordered me to be on leave on Friday. And as far as I am concerned, my mother is bigger than both of you and more important than the AD hearing.

They both nodded in agreement.

Two days later, they resolved the hearing between themselves without my involvement. Thank God for sensible and cooperative opponents!


So Friday came and I decided to give my father a break as well, since I was on leave. After breakfast, I took both kids out, dropped Peanut off at day-care, then hopped on a bus with the bus-crazy Lion for the next 45 minutes or so to my office.

We arrived at the office at about 10am. I installed Lion on a stool behind my chair with a pencil, lots of paper, all of my toy vehicles and the lego Michael Schumacher Ferrari F1 car. He scrawled and pushed the cars around while I worked. He was so good that no one even knew he was there! I managed to work for about one and a half hours before he got a bit restless and started to menance other people (namely The Buddha – he went over to The Buddha’s room to look at his posters of cars and then managed to fall off The Buddha’s chair). So I took him to Cedele for a quiet lunch before the lunchtime build up before hopping into a cab for home.

By the time we got home, Peanut was home from day-care and I put both of them to nap for the next two hours while I read and chatted with my father intermittently. When they got up, we took a walk to the market to buy bread and stopped by the playground before heading back to a yummy dinner whipped together by my father.

‘Twas a really good day, I must say. I’m so glad for the small break and the alone time I got to spend with the kiddies.


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