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Rainy Saturday means we couldn’t make it for our usual swim and had to come up with a wet weather program to exhaust the kids.

So off we went to the Singapore Garden Festival! A lot of fun was had and we came back with this:

They are called Tumblelina and Spike. They live mostly on the computer table in our room and are really adorable!

The funniest thing that happened that morning was that some guy at the NParks booth tried to bribe me to like the NParks Facebook Page with a five-dollar voucher. I burst out laughing in his face. Then because he laughed with me and appeared to understand the humour of the situation, I obliged. Now I have NParks posting on my timeline. Sigh.

I must say that the show this year was much better than the last. Suntec is so much better as a venue than MBS. It’s less crammed in so you don’t develop a splitting headache in 10 minutes from all that colour.


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