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Watching The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories at Genexis Theatre at Fusionopolis

Shopping and lunch at Menya Musashi at Raffles City

Home Sweet Home 😀


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made even more “grandmother” by my gold Katherine The Great Cherry Blossom ring

The Buddha: I don’t think you should wear that bracelet to work.

Me: Why?

The Buddha: [looks sheepish] I don’t want to say.

Me: Is it because it looks very “Ah-Ma”?

The Buddha: I didn’t say anything!!

Me: Of course if looks “Ah-Ma”, you idiot! It belongs to my Ah Ma!!


My father dug this out of the wardrobe two nights ago and gave it to me. It was a gift from his eldest brother-in-law, who was a sailor, to my paternal grandmother. Grandmother wore it for years and years until she fell ill and lost weight. So my father took it off and kept it in a silver box ever since.

My father shared a particularly close relationship with Grandmother. Although she had two elder sons before my father, she ended up spending her last days staying at our place, taking care of my elder sisters, then later being taken care of by my parents. She came from Hainan to join Grandfather only to realise that Grandfather had, in her absence, found another woman. She put up with living with the other woman in the same compound and the abuse from Grandfather and the other woman just so that her children would be provided for.

I never knew Grandmother. She passed away well before I came to be.

I don’t usually like light coloured jade but I adore this bracelet with it’s little wisps of orange and almost luminous creamy green. I love it for the person it represents, a person I never knew but wished I did.

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new fruit

In the grand tradition of serving us strange desserts:

F*Hotel really needs to hire some people with better English.

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traffic accident

Peanut to me after Lion pushed his dump truck into my ankles:



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Through a rushed dinner of fried noodles prepared by my father that evening, I explained to Peanut:


Maybe it was my tone of voice, or maybe she just instinctively knew that something sad had happened, Peanut started to weep. I gave her a big hug and told her that it was not her fault and assured her that no one was upset with her.

Fast forward to last Friday.

My mother came home from her outing with her friends while the kiddies and I were lounging on the couch watching TV after dinner.

Peanut clambered off the couch, ran up to my mother for a hug, and asked: 婆婆,你没有难过了对吗?

My mother, of course, looked rather confused until I related the question back to the earlier incident.

My mother laughed and hugged Peanut tighter and said: 婆婆看到你就不难过了!


And you know what? There really isn’t any point in being existential. None at all.

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My mother wanted me to be on leave last Friday so that she could take a break from watching the children and meet up with her friends. I checked my schedule and quite unfortunately, noted an AD hearing scheduled for Friday afternoon, and for a matter for which I am a 10%-only interested party. Oops.

So when I met the counsels involved in that hearing in Court early last week, I told them: My mother has ordered me to be on leave on Friday. And as far as I am concerned, my mother is bigger than both of you and more important than the AD hearing.

They both nodded in agreement.

Two days later, they resolved the hearing between themselves without my involvement. Thank God for sensible and cooperative opponents!


So Friday came and I decided to give my father a break as well, since I was on leave. After breakfast, I took both kids out, dropped Peanut off at day-care, then hopped on a bus with the bus-crazy Lion for the next 45 minutes or so to my office.

We arrived at the office at about 10am. I installed Lion on a stool behind my chair with a pencil, lots of paper, all of my toy vehicles and the lego Michael Schumacher Ferrari F1 car. He scrawled and pushed the cars around while I worked. He was so good that no one even knew he was there! I managed to work for about one and a half hours before he got a bit restless and started to menance other people (namely The Buddha – he went over to The Buddha’s room to look at his posters of cars and then managed to fall off The Buddha’s chair). So I took him to Cedele for a quiet lunch before the lunchtime build up before hopping into a cab for home.

By the time we got home, Peanut was home from day-care and I put both of them to nap for the next two hours while I read and chatted with my father intermittently. When they got up, we took a walk to the market to buy bread and stopped by the playground before heading back to a yummy dinner whipped together by my father.

‘Twas a really good day, I must say. I’m so glad for the small break and the alone time I got to spend with the kiddies.

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Rainy Saturday means we couldn’t make it for our usual swim and had to come up with a wet weather program to exhaust the kids.

So off we went to the Singapore Garden Festival! A lot of fun was had and we came back with this:

They are called Tumblelina and Spike. They live mostly on the computer table in our room and are really adorable!

The funniest thing that happened that morning was that some guy at the NParks booth tried to bribe me to like the NParks Facebook Page with a five-dollar voucher. I burst out laughing in his face. Then because he laughed with me and appeared to understand the humour of the situation, I obliged. Now I have NParks posting on my timeline. Sigh.

I must say that the show this year was much better than the last. Suntec is so much better as a venue than MBS. It’s less crammed in so you don’t develop a splitting headache in 10 minutes from all that colour.

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