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draw something fail

Text conversation between niece and I

She: Is the drawing a spotsperson?

Me: Oh no! I can’t remember what I drew! Can describe?

She: The person wears a purple band on her head. And right hand hold a long stick…or is it a racket…then left hand hold something like a scale

Me: It’s unfortunately the statue of Justice.

She: Oh…okay


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Bedtime conversation between Peanut and I

She: [chatter chatter chatter]

Me: Let’s play a game, Ally.

She: A game?

Me: That’s right. Let’s lie down and pretend to be rocks.

She: Rocks?

[The Other Half sniggers in the background.]

Me: Like 弟弟. He’s fallen asleep so he’s all quiet and still like a rock.

She: 弟弟 is a good rock, Mummy. I’m not a good rock. I’m just a good girl.


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Dinnertime conversation between Peanut and I

She: Why did you say ice cream later, mummy? Why not now?

Me: Ally, we are on holiday. Stop asking why, okay? Just go with the flow.

She: Okay. But I want to ask only one question.

Me: One question? What is it?

She: Why?

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One of the judgements for an appeal we won was released last Thursday and I took a call from a reporter for a Chinese Newspaper which my parents subscribe to on Monday.

I completely forgot about it until this morning after breakfast and asked my mother (being generally the more attentive between my parents) about it.

“I don’t know,” said my mother. “I barely scanned through the papers. What’s it about?”

I briefly went through the facts.

“Oh, yes, I remember reading it,” said my father. He then proceeded to point out the article to me. Sis1 and I hunted down the article and hey! They had actually mentioned my name in full alongside The Buddha! I quickly clipped the article out of the papers so that I could show it to The Buddha at work, then left.

While standing in the train and giving the article a more detailed read, it suddenly occurred to me that my father read an article which contained my full name in it and didn’t make the connection that it was me.


But that’s how fathers are, aren’t they?

Since I was a teen, my father never seemed to remember how old I was or what I was studying. Sometimes, I think that if I didn’t bang on the piano hours each day or take up so much space with my books, he wouldn’t even know what my interests were.

“Come on,” said The Buddha. “Then who made the decisions about your schools and what course of study you should undertake?”

Actually, I explained, all that my parents ever decided insofar as our education was concerned, was what primary school Sis1 got into. Thereafter, Sis2 and I will naturally went to the same school. After primary school, where we went depended on our results and our preferences. What courses of study we would undertake depended on our interests. My father said very little throughout. Being the old school man of that era past, he was also not particularly demonstrative of his affection towards us.

My father did, however, seemed quite pleased with the fact that I chose the Law. When he had a heart attack, I was in the A&E filling up forms for him and eventually, after they transferred him to ICU, I received a call from a doctor that went, “Are you the youngest daughter of Mr. LHS? The one who’s going to be a lawyer?”

That was an incredily heartrending moment of my life, not only because the doctor went on to tell me that he was going to be okay, but also because I knew for once and without a doubt that I may have actually turned out to be a person my father was proud of.


When my opponents ask me for more money, I sometimes tell them, Do you think this is my father’s insurance company so it’s damn easy to get mandate and I can give you whatever you want?

And then: Actually, even if it is my father’s insurance company, he won’t give you the money because my father is a mean bugger!!!

To which, The Buddha will nod sagely and add, I agree because I have met her father.

Even though my father is slightly diminished by his heart attack and the long years of permanent medication since then, the world has got to watch out even more now. My father has a new weapon against people who try to take advantage of him. The weapon is called: If you persist in your unreasonable behaviour, I will ask my lawyer to speak to you!!


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