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When one calls a relative whom one hasn’t spoken to in a while due to some differences to one’s (assumed) deathbed to reconcile with her after a period of silence, does one later feel embarassed when it turns out that there is actually no impending death at all? Would it be kinda awkward when you meet each other thereafter at the usual family gatherings? Will there be much drinking of spirits and laughing together or shuffling of feet, not quite sure what to say to each other after having disclosed one’s personal and intimate affairs to the other in anticipation of an event which was a complete non-starter?

After all of that flurry of activities, is it normal to feel slightly anti-climatic in addition to relived and thankful that the end is not near at all?

Ah well. My life is such a comedy of errors at some points.


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salt caramel

I made these lovely soft caramel candies yesterday afternoon as follows:

In a saucepan, heat 180ml of cream with 1/2 teaspoonful of vanilla essence, 1/2 rounded teaspoonful of fine sea salt and 30g of butter until it begins to boil. Remove from neat and keep warm.
Heat 1/2 cup of corn syrup (or golden syrup) with 100g of brown sugar, stirring gently until smooth, then heat it up to 155*C while swirling gently from time to time. Take it off the stove.
Add the cream mixture into the sugar syrup and stir (as well as you can) till (as) smooth (as you can).
Heat the mixture up to 127*C, stirring occasionally to prevent heat spots.
Thereafter, add 30g of butter and stir till smooth and even.
Pour mixture in lined and greased loaf tin and cool for 10 minutes. Sprinkle about 1/4 teaspoonful of coarse sea salt over the top and let it cool completely.
Once set, lift the caramel out of the tin and slice with a heated knife into desired shapes, wrapped in baking paper. It will keep in a container for a month (as if since I only have 2 pieces left and it’s been less than 48 hours since the event!).

It’s lovely and salty (although by some accounts, too salty) and creamy and nice. I love love love salted caramel candies.

And why did I venture to make these instead of buying them from the supermarket?

Because Peanut has been coming home with little party bags of candies for kids’ parties from school. The first bag she came with had organic sweets and raisins, which is acceptable for her consumption.

The second bag she came back with contained a small packet of Twisties, one (!) pink (!!!) colour pencil, and a marshmallow. She is ordinarily not allowed to eat either the Twisties or the marshmallow but I was compelled to give her some because otherwise she would be disappointed.

The third bag came with a mask, a small toy and 2 crackers. Again, she is ordinarily not allowed to eat the crackers but we had to relent again.

That got me thinking about what I would put in Peanut’s goody bag when the time comes. Cookies seem a tad bit messy. Raisins and other dried fruit will be good. And then I thought about making my own sweets, ran out and procured a candy thermometer and the above is the result of slaving over the stove for about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon.

I do hope Peanut and her friends will enjoy these when the time comes!

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The Other Half sent me a bouquet of flowers at work on Monday.

My secretary sent it to me while I was standing in The Buddha’s office discussing some matter with him.

“What did he do wrong?” asked The Buddha. “Did he crashed the car?”

I don’t know, I replied. So I called The Other Half and put the same question to him. He proceeded to assure me that he didn’t do anything wrong, least of all crashed the car. Just that he saw the Calla lilies and that reminded him of my bridal bouquet and how I was late for my wedding and how he was worried about me doing a Runaway Bride and all.

So sweet. But suspicious nonetheless.


In other news, check out the crazy mess on my desk. It’s been there for weeks and I am nowhere near the bottom of it while another colony forms on my floor. I officially crawl into my seat every morning over piles and piles of files. Oh how my life sucks.

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Sms exchange between Landlord and I

She: Dear Landlord, according to my husband, the washing machine spin cycle has conked. What should we do?

He: Hmm…can you switch off the power at the wall socket and see if it re-boots.

She: Erm…will convey that to husband. Next time we do laundry is Friday.

He: Controlled by chips…unless micro-controller messed up.


So guess who spent her Friday afternoon off work washing a load of laundry by hand because after she loaded the washing machine and turned it off and on from the main power socket, the washing machine only failed after filling up with water?!

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Goodbye to my childhood of 6 children and a mongrel walking parallel to the train tracks as far as their minds would take them, of scrapes on the knees crossing the tracks to get to the pool for swimming classes, of that familiar rumbling in the distance accompanying Economic theories and Historical happenings, poetry and songs deep into the night, of interrupted conversations and television shows, of watching, thinking, of passing time.

Thanks for the memories.

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This is turning out to be the week where things end only to bring on the beginning of a big big gap.

Because I am currently feeling rather bitter about (work) life in general, I shall endeavour to fill up the gaps with things more meaningful. Insipid, maybe. Trivial, maybe. But things important to me like good stories, songs sung while seated in the dark in the back of the car on the way home, giggles and tickles and other sorts of things like that.

Here comes the long wait.

I shall embrace and celebrate the long wait instead of pacing restlessly imbibing numerous cups of tea. I shall get out of my seat and go home.

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