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sms from Cornflakes Monday morning:
Can I take half-day off this morning? I feel very strange.


Doctor giving evidence on osteoarthritis:
Osteoarthritis…there are many causes…if there is any change in length of bone…if one leg is shorter, will add a lot of strain to the other legs.


Plaintiff giving evidence on his erroneous tax declarations:
I overlooked it because I did not look close enough.


Seminar on anti money laundering:
If you think that the money will be dissipated soon and it is urgent that you make the complaint, pick up the phone and call the hotline. They’ll probably put you on hold or call you back in half an hour…For the whole of last year, they only received 3 complaints from lawyer. 3 complaints! From the whole entire legal fraternity! So they are not very happy with us because you are not suspicious enough!


Citibank officer after being told by me that I no longer have any desire to solve my problem because it has been months and I feel far too frustrated to care anymore so I will live with the problem:
Thank you for your understanding, Ms. Lim.


Me: Why did you tell N that your cigarettes are with me?
He: Cigarettes? I thought she asked me for the blue book [i.e. the holy bible of all personal injury practitioners].
She: She said merokok, you idiot! That’s cigarettes in Malay!
He: Oh! Then how did she understand the reason I gave her why the merokok are with you?
Me: What did you tell her?
He: I said you needed the merokok for your Submissions.


And the submissions are still slightly pass the half-way point only.



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be my valentine

It is Valentine’s Day week.

I made these cookies for my girls and boys in the spirit of Valentine’s Day:

And this is the present I got from my secretary first thing on Monday morning:

Unfortunately, it also feels like the busiest week I’ve had in a long while, what with being kidnapped by the Law Society for two days out of this week, having to subcontract my trial to The Buddha, trying to attend client lunches before the new year ends, trying to do work in between everything. And that’s the reason why I only managed to find time to write this now, some 4 days after Valentine’s Day has passed.

Oh well. Better late than never.

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Peanut’s teacher sent along the link to her class webpage yesterday and when I clicked on it, the first thing I saw was pictures of Peanut carrying her backpack while participating in activities.

So I picked up the phone and called The Other Half.

“Why is my daughter carrying her backpack in all the pictures?”

“That’s because when they try to take her bag away from her, she throws a tantrum. When I dropped her off at school this morning, she went off to eat breakfast while carrying her backpack. She won’t let anyone touch it.”


That’s like how she refused to take her hat off for the first 2 days of Chinese New Year and threw a fit when The Frenchman touched her hat. She eventually fell asleep with her hat covering her face, looking like a drunkard snoozing by the roadside.

My daughter is turning out to be a mighty strange being.

Then again, better weird than boring.

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red is for angst

At any point in time of this long weekend, at least one of my family members came down with the viral flu.

On Chu Xi, The Other Half came down with the puking / diarrhoea during the first reunion dinner with my Mother-In-Law and Sis-In-Law at our place and spent the 2nd and 3rd reunion dinners that we did either only drinking soup or eating nothing at all. When we arrived at the 2nd reunion dinner at my first aunt’s place, we found out from my dad that my mother was down with the same bug and decided to stay home.

On Chu Yi, my mother remained ill from the bug and stayed in again.

On Chu Er, my mother-in-law called us and told us that she had contracted the bug as well.

On Chu San, The Other Half’s cousin showed up at his father’s place ill.

When I spoke with my mother this morning, she told me that my first aunt also came down with the bug and sent my third cousin back to my second cousin’s home to pick up meds. When he arrived, he found out that my second cousin’s entire family has come down with the same flu.


And to think that the bug originated from this little girl:

In spite of everything, we had a reasonably good time catching up with people whom we haven’t seen for a while. Some of them became better people, most of them remained the same, a selected few stayed incorrigible. Heh.

After being away from work all week, I’m seriously not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow to the rounds and rounds of Chinese New Year client lunches. Imagine Lo Hei x 8 over 2 weeks. Yucks. Luckily I get to hide behind my nasty cough to eat less this time round.

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The kids and I have been down with a horrible flu bug most of this week which Peanut unfortunately brought back home from the day care. There’s much throwing up and diarrhoea and changing of bed sheets and nappies, and no sun for the last few days, resulting in a rather dire laundry situation, much to The Other Half’s chagrin.

Thankfully, the sun came out today and we all woke up feeling much better.

We have since put the soup stock for the steamboat tonight to simmer in the slow cooker, dropped by my office to distribute pineapple tarts and brownies [which were baked while I couldn’t taste anything at all] to my staff, then headed home and while The Other Half and the kids napped, I have tried to make some kulfi modified from a recipe here for dessert tonight while breaking in a new pair of heels I bought to match my Chinese New Year dress, still missing my tastebuds but much much improved from throwing up every 2.5 hours and being unable to eat anything at all. I have lost so much weight over the last 2 days that I have run out of holes in my belt today.

So while I scoot off to do my other Chinese New Year things, happy happy year of the Rabbit to all 🙂

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