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The Winter Palace or Large Hermitage.

I have recently found the Hermitage Museum Shop online and find myself returning to it almost every week in an attempt to procure some of the Children’s Story Books for Peanut. The particular one that I want is out of stock so I’ve been checking back religiously to see if it has been re-stocked.

I have also been looking through some of the other stuff and remembering the happy time I spent with The Other Half wandering around the halls of The Hermitage, the streets of St Petersburg…and it made me realise that I haven’t actually gotten over my obsession with all things Russian which I thought I gotten out of my system after returning from Russia some 3 years ago.

In fact, it seems to have gotten worse as I slowly read my my way through Crime and Punishment, some Chekhov, Pushkin, Anna Karenina, I own just about every Ayn Rand novel and look set to read my way through many many more Russian novels and now I want to buy Russian fairy tales for my children. A Russian Icon looks down at me from my piano. My handphone ringtone is a xylophone piece I recorded in the gardens of Peterhof.

My heart is evidently still with the Motherland.

I do hope I make enough money this lifetime to return to St Petersburg again.

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the reluctant todd

Peanut has started kiddy class for about a week now.

On the first two days I was with her, she was completely fine. In fact, I was quite bored on the second day because she didn’t seem to care whether I was there or not.

On the third day, The Other Half and I brought her to school and left after a while. She bawled her head off and made my father carry her all the way home when he picked her up in the afternoon.

But then she has since realised that food is a great problem solver and has pledged allegiance to the giant tupperware full of cereal in school. So life has gotten better for us all and I suppose will continue to get better as she becomes more sentient towards the other members of her class, and she slowly finds out for herself that life is in most parts about learning to share space with other people.

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After the very high note I ended the work year on, I started the year feeling a little let down by the world.

The Buddha always tells me that good things happen to good people. But seems like people who aren’t that good are doing way better than I am.

Maybe I am not good enough. But then I can’t see how I could be better.

Oh well.

I need to remember how much it sickens me to attempt to add glamour and sparkle to my work just to sell it to younger associates in vain hope that they would want to jump on board, only to have them disappoint me later by telling me that they actually want to do bigger better sexier work.

My work is small, insipid, petty and ugly. This is my work. It pays the bills. Take it or leave it.

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I was in a bus on Sentosa with Lion in his sling when a rather well endowed English woman came up and sat next to me.

Lion immediately turned to her and stared, open mouthed, at her chest. Feeling his stare, she turned towards us and smiled at Lion.

With the same dumbfounded, open mouthed look, Lion reached on his left hand and touched her left boob and made a manly grunt.

“It’s alright,” she said. “I have done my duty already. I have two boys,” she laughed.

I was embarrassed beyond belief.

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the year past

growing together

Otherwise known as the year I spent far too much time in Court fighting people, the year I was made partner, the year I lost all my support staff and spent the rest of the year reconstructing my working team, suffered incessantly at work and felt like giving up so very many times, the year I became mother of two and slowly got to know a really grouchy rambutan, watched the Berlin Philharmonic from stage seats on my wedding anniversary, had a really quiet Christmas, planned to buy a house, baked a whole lot of things from bread to casseroles to pasta to cookies and cakes, the year I ended sitting at the computer, listening to fireworks going off, nursing the fitful rambutan, making this entry.

It’s really been one helluva year.

Here’s a Happy New Year shout out and as always, may we be better people in the year to come.

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