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I spent a large part of yesterday baking and decorating this cake for The Other Half’s birthday.

The writing in chocolate is a little wonkery. The marzipan carrots, according to The Other Half, look like they have had too much McDonald’s, the cake didn’t rise as high as I thought it would and is a little bit too dense probably because too much carrot (and therefore moisture) went into it.

Oh well. It was really yummy though. Everyone who showed up for dinner appeared to enjoy it.

And I can safely say that I have never ever put in so much effort to bake a cake for anyone for their birthday.

A very happy birthday to you, my love. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead.



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Secretary outside my office to her boss:
Someone on the phone wants to know whether you have any pupils attached to you at the moment?

Yes, deep shit. They are part of my eyes.


My secretary to some claims officer over the phone:
Are you The One?

Yes, I am The One whom they say will save the world from destitute and destruction. But I have fallen into hard times and I am now merely a claims officer at an insurance company pushing paper for a living. But one day, I will be great. How may I assist you in the meantime?


And so, it is now time to go home again. I was so bad today that I was going around snapping people’s heads off. I want to go home and fall asleep for about the next 2 years or so, then I will hopefully be ready to deal with the world again.

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Another reason why aggravation is bad for health:

I had to go for a haircut during lunch and then eat a bar of chocolate to get over the aggravation I had to undergo this morning.

Now I don’t only feel bad about the aggravation. My throat also hurts from too much chocolate and my wallet is not very impressed with the spending.

You can’t win at all if you were me.

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The Lion is now more than 1 kg.

I am slower and a lot more tired. My temper is also getting increasingly shorter. This means I am really not very good to work for at the moment.

I find that when you finally reach the last trimester, time slows to a crawl although you keep thinking that you are running out of time to do stuff. It’s quite an infuriating feeling.

Two nights ago, I dreamt about being made to shower in a very dark bathroom over a prolonged period of time. After a while, my claustrophobia was triggered off and I kept thinking about opening the door to let the light in even though I was stark naked. And then I woke up.

In the car in the morning, I asked The Other Half whether the Lion is trying to tell me that he wants out into the light. The Other Half said that it was probably just a manifestation of my current state of mind.

That got me thinking back to the weeks leading up to the arrival of Peanut and how cranky and frustrated I was. This is about the same level of crankiness and frustration I feel right now. Except that School Marm reckons that I am far less tetchy with Lion than with Peanut.

I just finished writing a rather massive Respondent’s Case and I have another massive Appellant’s Case due in 2 weeks. I feel a little bit thwarted because I don’t think I will be around to see both appeals through. It makes me sad because I quite like living through all of my cases to their bitter ends.

Doll leaves our employment by the end of next week and the new girl we have hired will only come in end of next month. I wonder whether I will be here when that happens. What will I do in the interim?

Oh well.

I need to distract myself from the waiting that is evidently driving me slightly nuts.

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if god had a name

This is too good not to share…or rather, I have showed it to a couple of people but no one seemed as amused by this as I am:

Further or in the alternative, the Defendant says that the alleged or any damage (which is not admitted) was occasioned in the circumstances amounting to an act of God…


(a) Fire started or emitted in [Ah Kong’s]* premises.
(b) How the fire first started, no one could tell.

* name changed

I received the thing last week. I am still laughing and have asked my uber-religious [well, not uber, but religious nontheless] to file a Reply to debunk the above allegation.

What can I say? I am easily amused.

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She suckles, she chuckles, she fusses, she cries, she rolls over and attempts to pull me off my bed onto her mattress to cuddle with her.

All without waking up completely.

What kind of memories does Peanut retain to plague her in her sleep? Does she dream about milk (or the lack thereof)? Stomping around in her new shoes? Her little yellow ducky floating further and further away from her in the swimming pool while she paddles desperately after with her arm floats drinking mouthfuls of horrid water? Eating dessert after a meal of pasta? Running out of raisins? Being stuck in the high chair in a hot kitchen watching Mummy cut vegetables for a meal that is never quite ready forever and ever?

One really wonders.

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10 Jan 10

I was at some PR lunch yesterday afternoon when the topic of children came up, as is usually the case as I get more and more obviously pregnant.

It usually starts off with “When is your baby due?” and then “Is it a boy or a girl?” and then “Is this your second one?” and then “How old is your first one?” and the optional question which I am quite coy about answering: “How many do you intend to have?”

On the topic of how many children one should have, someone said, “My wife and I only have one daughter because we were both from small families and it just never occurred to us to have more than one child. When people ask, I always just tell them that we’re lazy. But joke aside, now that I am growing older, I realised that you should always have more than one child. I worry for my daughter because after my wife and I pass on, she’ll be all alone in the world with no other relatives. In this complicated world, it is useful and comforting to have family to count on but she will have none. So I worry a lot about that.”

So true, that.

I look at Peanut running around now sometimes and wonder what she’d be like as a big sister. We figured that she will be the criminal mastermind sort, instigating Lion into all sorts of scraps with her.

It’s another 2 months or so more. We can’t wait to see what Lion is like in the flesh.

I do hope that given the 18-month gap between Peanut and Lion i.e. they will be in the same age group growing up, they will always have each other to lean on in the future.

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