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It’s like I went to eat Chicken Rice. But then I got there and was served Chicken Briyani. And I had diarrhoea the last 2 days but had to eat it anyway.


Every once in a while, you’d meet this One True Ass Hole that’ll make your life hell for a while.

There’s naught to do but get your hands dirty and fight it out. I can only take comfort by looking back at all of the One True Ass Holes I’ve met over the years and how we always eventually manage to get rid of them in due course and due process.

Oh well.

Busy busy busy.


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1. The Peanut is now tall enough to pull off everything on my dressing table when unsupervised. Everything includes all of my various moisturizers, hair products, mobile phone and jewellery that I usually leave on the dressing table while I am doing stuff.

2. Having too much fun over Chinese New Year + Eating too much rubbish + Sleeping at irregular hours = One whole night of Fussy Peanut when made to sleep at regular hours after 5 days of holiday, farting away and curling and twisting into a ball while whining…much like having a stomach upset.

3. One whole night of Fussy Peanut + One missing engagement ring + One prior incident of Peanut smiling at Mummy with said engagement ring balanced on her tongue = Crazy, Antsy, Paranoid Mummy.

4. The KK Hospital A&E is quite uncrowded very early in the morning. They are able to do X-rays on the spot for a grand total of $85.00.

5. Lots of kids of all ages apparently visit the A&E for swallowing a variety of objects, including and not limited to jewellery, coins and batteries (!!). But a very small number are from Peanut’s age group. Apparently kids of Peanut’s age are smart enough not to swallow most things, which is really quite queer if you think about it.

6. The Peanut is now at a stage where she stashes things that she likes in bags. In particular, she is smart enough to be able to bring one pretty engagement ring down from the dressing table in the bedroom upstairs to stash into the back pack full of her things in the dining room downstairs, together with a few of her other prized toys, so that Mummy can bring it over to her Grandparents’ place the next morning for her to play with.

7. Crazy, Antsy, Paranoid Mummy should just ignore her mind and listen to Daddy when crazy, antsy and paranoid. :S

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On Valentines’ Day this year, we were so busy bringing Peanut round to visit the relatives, sitting on couches watching her run around bringing so much joy to everyone else that we forgot that it was Valentines’ Day till it was all over and done with and we were lying in bed on the 15th after another day of bringing her around.

This is kinda late, but, Happy Valentines’ Day, my dearest Other Half. I don’t say this often enough but thank you so much for being around to share my life with me, for all of the good times, the bad, this morning, and everything in between. Life will just be incomplete without you.

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The Other Half and I took today off to pop in to the gynae to take a peek at The Lion. He seems to be doing pretty well, happily drinking amniotic fluid and all. The Peanut on the other hand was a regular menace at the gynae’s. She was walking all over the place, tried to make away with a bottle of candied multi-vits the receptionist offered her, then refused to keep still while looking at The Lion. The Other Half had to carry her out into the stairwell for a one-minute time out and when I emerged from the clinic to leave, there she was in The Other Half’s arms with tears in her eyes and all (it’s her new thing, that, pretending to be really poor thing), promptly falling asleep when we got on the car.

After the visit to the clinic, we braved the supermarket to grab a new water bottle for her to take to my mother’s, some icing sugar and a bottle of double cream (for our attempt at making mandarin orange chocolate truffles! Wish us luck!!). The place was packed with people just clearing off the shelves in anticipation of the long weekend. It was completely insane. I had to do a dash through the supermarket while The Other Half tried to distract The Peanut by pushing her round and round in her stroller outside, then we headed out home as soon as we could.

Except that when we got home, we strangely enough couldn’t find the bottle of double cream anywhere in our shopping bag or the car! So The Other Half had to head out again to brave the supermarket alone while I washed and put Peanut down for her nap.

I have both my Peanut and The Other Half asleep now from all of the activity. I answered some emails, then crept downstairs to the kitchen to prepare some bread for breakfast over the long Chinese New Year weekend.

And the curious thing about bread making is that the longer your knead the dough, the cleaner your hands become.

I can now hear either The Peanut or The Other Half stirring restleessly. And so ends my time out from being mummy.

Happy year of the Tiger, everyone.


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and it continues!!!

So my mother gave me this white Ikea cup to take to work the next day. Because it was so boringly white, I picked up a red permanent marker and drew a cat on it.

The next day, I did a splash and dash in the office in the morning to make it for a 9am hearing in Court. When I finally returned at noon, sitting on my desk was the correct cup, but with the picture of the cat scrubbed off.

I have since, on the advice of School Marm, gotten my secretary to stop the pantry aunty from picking up my cup and bottle in the morning.

It’s called break up by proxy.

Then later on in the afternoon, I found out that someone is apparently stealing my faxes. And that weirdness spilled over on till today, to the point where I had to run over to the other side of the office to hide in School Marm’s office for a while.

Oh woe is me.

In the words of Stalin, “You would think that after so many years, you would have grown used to any sort of weirdness but they always find some new weirdness to weird you out.”

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After ignoring me for about 2 years while I worked in The Firm, the pantry aunty decided out of the blue one day that she shall wash and fill my cup and bottle every day as she does for all the other lawyers on the floor.

That’s really nice, except that she picks up my cup and bottle at about 9am and doesn’t come back with it till close to 12 noon, just round the time I am about to die from thirst.

So I should just get my own water and wash my own cup, right?

But then I can’t!! Because when I do and if I am not at my desk when she comes round [which is really often since I would have either run off to Court, be in my boss’s room or haven’t got to work yet], she’d still pick up my cup and bottle and only return it to me at noon anyway. And I can’t just go up to her and tell her that I don’t want her picking up my water and cup anymore. She might think that I am trying to break up with her and take it personally and stop emptying my trash or something. As it is, she doesn’t empty my trash everyday [because she would come round in the evenings, look in my bin, and cursorily decide on some days that it’s not worth her time to empty it] and as a result I have just killed a cockroach nymph on my desk last week. She also doesn’t vacuum my office all the time too. Sometimes when she comes round with the vacuum during lunch and I am in my office, she just skips my room. When I had a granola disaster in my room a few months back and begged her to vacuum, she told me she would only do it at lunch but didn’t so I picked up all the granola off the floor with my hands through the course of the day.

So I decided that I should bring my own drinks in so that I won’t die from thirst in the mornings if I am not going to Court, which worked out all right for a while.

Then one day while I was sitting in my desk and she came round to return the cups and bottles, she gave me the wrong cup. After about 5 years of me working here and owning the same cup.

One off incident, right?

And then it happened three more times.

Today, she returned my cup to me while I was seated at my desk. It is the correct cup, except that she didn’t tell me that she had somehow accidentally chipped my cup. I only found out when I tried to drink out of it.

No big deal, I thought. I’d just go and buy a new cup during lunch.

Except that if she can return the wrong cup to me on some days even after close to 6 years of me working here, there is a very significant possibility that she’d be so utterly confused if I were to procure a new cup. Her cosmic balance will be upset or something and then she might have a meltdown and throw her trolley full of cups and bottles at me or something. I have no desire to round the whole 24th floor peering into all the lawyers’ rooms to find my [new] cup.


ETA at 3:13pm – I have failed to buy a new cup over lunch in spite of scouring the area for one, because, according to School Marm, “Only Christians drink water.” How sad is my life? On our way back from lunch, I remarked that I should just go home tonight and ask my mother for one because mothers always have plenty of these things lying around. And then it occurred to us that our daughters might have this very same conversation about us 20 years from now. :S

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one of those days

…when you decide that it’s better for the general public that you stay in your office and clear work and not talk to anyone since everyone you’ve ever spoken to since the day started had invariably pissed you off in some way or other, to the point where someone comes into your room and asks “hey did I leave my wallet here just now?” and the immediate reply you thought of was “no, but did you leave your brains in your wallet and misplaced them both together?”

And I found out today that one of Romanian’s national dishes is something called Meech.

Time to go home before I lose my marbles permanently, methinks.

Problem is that I have problems getting out of my seat because The Lion has been snuggling against my right sciatic nerve all day and it really hurts to walk right now.

How tragic is my life.

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