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a year of nice things


Still on maternity leave but managing on my own at home with work and baby.


Started the routine of 3 to 4 day weeks and sending Peanut across the island to my parents’ oh-so-early in the morning and picking her up after work.


A very instrospective time being that time of the year when you renew your practising certificate and realise just how long you have been doing this and wonder how long you can continue to do this.


 Finding the balance between an overprotective parent and letting Peanut roll off the mattress onto the hard marble floor and running the risk of hitting her head. And guess what? She just instinctively tucks her head when she hits the floor. My smart Peanut!


My first mothers’ day as a mommy 🙂


Peanut becomes more and more mobile. Mommy becomes more and more busy.


 The start of the awfully low morale months.


And it gets worse, the endless sitting in Court and feeling bored.


Peanut falls ill for the first time from teething. The GPs panicked. The Other Half and I roll our eyes at each other.


I turned a year older, and found out that I was preggers again.


I moved t0 WordPress from Diaryland. I was awfully disappointed with the system. I undertook a crazy-ass trip to KL on a coach with Peanut in which I was awfully pissed off, spent a night in Malacca, and abandoned my other travel companions on Sunday morning and came home.


Peanut turns One! We find out that Nut 2 is a really shy little boy. Work slows down to a crawl then picks up again. I finished writing my 2 sets of submissions due on 4 January in good time to sit here at my desk writing this entry, taking a breather before the hell that is January descends upon us all.

And as always, may we all be better people in the coming new year.


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It’s really frustrating when halfway through writing submissions, you suddenly stumble upon a brilliant argument, much more brilliant than the one you were pursuing, which will help your opponent to win the trial.

But then you need to carry on through your own anyway and hope like hell that your opponent isn’t as smart as you are. And then your head goes into hyperdrive trying trying trying to come up with an even more brilliant argument for yourself to counter the other brilliant argument you made up for your opponent.

Argh. My brain has been working close to non-stop since I stumbled out of work last evening feeling absolutely demoralised. I have since made a fruit salad, attended a Christmas lunch and am about to attend a Christmas dinner but I am somewhere else in my head…and quite unfortunately, I am somewhere else stuck in the middle of the unfriendly terrain of Trust Law.

Merry Christmas to all, in any event.

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I was on leave yesterday and followed my mother and Peanut to the playground she haunts every weekday morning. It had rained and everything was wet but Peanut was quite keen to get on the slides. Since she was going to get a bath when she got home anyway, I just let her on the wet slide (because I am such a reckless parent), which proved to be quite an adventure for her since wet slide = “Look Ma! No traction control!!” She giggled when she reached the bottom and I picked her up and deposited her on the steps so she could climb up and have a go again. And again and again and again.

So halfway through watching my daredevil Nut on the slide, this father shows up with his kid. He spent all of his time at the playground going up and down the structures following his kid even though there is a huge sign that states quite explicitly that the thing is only meant for children between 2 to 12 and he looks like the relatively well to do, educated type that speaks quite good English. This is in spite of the fact that the kid is bigger than Nut with shoes and all.

Subsequently, two other children showed up and were sitting around the structure near father and his kid. I had to avoid bringing the Nut near these other children because she has a nasty habit of shoving people who are in her way (another story for another day). So I moved out of line of sight but quite unfortunately was still within earshot.

Said father pounced on the children and kept saying to his kid, “Say Hello! Ask how old are you? What is your name?” This goes on for a while. I took a peek and noticed that the kids were staring on silently while his kid shuffled around awkwardly. At some point, father said to the other children, “I am training him to speak, you see. Let him talk to you!” And then a while more of the “Quickly say hello! Say HELLO!!!” he suddenly said, “Come! Show Che Che your Por Por!!!!!”

Is it just me or does that just sound bordering obscene?!

I shifted myself a little to get a look at what the hell was going on only to realise that por por refers to a little red car which the poor little boy was holding tightly in his hand.

At that point, I really had to kick myself to stop myself from breaking out into hysterical laughter.

If you were really trying to train your kid to speak, shouldn’t you refer to a toy car as A TOY CAR and not some misleading onomatopoeia?!


Speaking of shoving kids out of her way, there was another mother at the playground with her kid (also big with shoes and all) following her kid protectively up and down the structures in spite of the signage.

Her kid sat at the top of the slide and stared down while the mother shouted out words of encouragement.

Atom Ally comes along, shoves the kid down the slide, forcing me to pick up the kid at the bottom of the slide out of the way of crazy Ally swishing down the slides at great speed.

Mother comes up to me, says thank you and asked me how old Ally was.

She just turned one, I replied.

Oh! she exclaims. She is so brave! My son is 17 months old and this is the first time he’s been on a slide.

And that made me feel very bad because he was forced to go down the slide by rampaging Ally. She had so rudely and cruelly robbed him of A Moment.


Sometimes I look at small children sitting quietly in strollers peering out into the world and wonder why I can’t have a normal baby like that, what did I do to deserve crazy Peanut who would attempt a daredevil grand escape from a stroller within 5 minutes of being there unless she is really really tired and / or sleeping.

But then again, Ally is special like that. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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A person doesn’t change because you find out more.


And I finally finished the book standing in the train this morning 🙂

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My intern left. The one who was not interested in most things and caused me some little bit of grief for two weeks or so. He wrote me a really sweet card in spite of the fact that I wasn’t really quite nice to him at some points because these days I tend not to be very kind to people who are evidently disinterested.

And then the person who was assigned to and supposed to be interested to learn what I do for a living turned out to be not in the least bit interested. I only found this out after I invested a little bit of time into teaching him with a view of him learning the ropes as quickly as possible. I sent him an email to express my disappointment. He replied with a rather lame excuse. It’s been more than half a day now and he has yet to speak with me in spite of the fact that he is still holding on to some of my work. I have over lunch decided that I should not be expected to forgive the unforgivable and will withdraw all my work and support from him.

Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Maybe I’ve plunged headfirst into a generation gap given that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone younger with the same work ethics.

Oh well. There is naught to be done. Now that more help is no longer in the horizon, it sure looks like I am condemned to a life of running a pseudo-sole-proprietorship out of my little box of an office.

And it is only Monday. I still have the rest of the week to get through.

I need to remind myself to stop investing so much of myself into things lest I become one of those strangely intense scary women. It’s far easier to go through life caring less about things.

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In short, in this world life is all death because no one recognizes anyone else as human like themselves. Everyone seems to aspire to death. And it’s a veritable Gettysburg of likely candidates.


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And so we ended up having a party for Peanut after all, complete with 11 adults and 2 small children excluding the birthday girl and a pink (!!) beetroot cake. We went for brunch at Melt-The World Cafe at The Oriental and lots of fun was had in spite of the 1-hour traffic jam getting to the hotel by reason of the Stan-Chart marathon road closures.

I must say that although we are not quite sure that she understood we were celebrating her birthday, she seemed awfully pleased and have some kind of recognition that it was a party for her. She smiled, she laughed, she clapped, she ate lots of cream cheese on bagels and sampled mushroom soup. All the GPs in attendance (i.e. GrandParents) were most pleased.

And then she became cranky and took a 2-hour nap once we got home.

Just looking at her happy face in this photo makes me really happy. Heh.

In other news, my screwy tastebuds are back to normal and I have marginally stopped throwing up. Oh, I have also finally managed to clear my maternity leave from Peanut before it gets forfeited. Yayness.

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