This place has gone quiet due to my usual procrastination.

I wanted to do a post on moving to my new place in December 2014 but I kept thinking that I needed to unpack completely before I can showcase my new home. Of course that didn’t happen. I still have 2 boxes of unpacked stuff locked in an unused bedroom. And then Chinese New Year happened.

Oh well.

I do post regularly on my Dayre though. So do hop over if you are interested in following my (mis)adventures.

bronze and linen

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary.

The Other Half will be sending Peanut to ballet class while I hope to go for yoga before heading home to dinner.

There will be no celebrations simply because we are so overtaken by events this year that no plans were made. Ideally we would have headed somewhere for dinner over the weekend but we had the kiddies’ year end concert to attend on Friday night and on Sunday night we attended Peanut’s ballet performance. We are also in the middle of renovations to the new place we are moving into, not to mention all of the stuff we have to do to get Peanut ready for primary school next year.

Oh well.

In this lull moment in the morning before I hop out to Court to do what I do for a living, here’s to 8 years of running this circus together. I wouldn’t dream of doing it with anyone else.

Au Petit Salut 2005

Au Petit Salut 2005

discussions and solutions

The kids were being a little rowdy at bed time yesterday so I ordered them out of the room to stand on the staircase landing to contemplate their rowdiness.

I then heard the following conversation through the door:

Peanut: We must have a discussion about this! Mummy asked us to come out and discuss this!
Lion: Discuss what?
Peanut: Why we were noisy. So can you tell me why did you tickle me?
Lion: Because you disturb me first.
Peanut: But you didn’t have to tickle me right?
Lion: But you disturb me first.
Peanut: But why did you tickle me?
Lion: …I don’t know…
Peanut: You must tell me the answer! Why did you tickle me?
Lion: …I really don’t know…This discussion is going on for so long time. I just want to go back and tell Mummy that I want to go to sleep.
Peanut: No! Cannot! We must have this discussion. So that we can find the solution!
Lion: I don’t want to discuss! I want to sleep.
Peanut: So why did you tickle me? Answer me first!
Lion: I don’t know. I don’t do it anymore, okay? The discussion is over.

The door opens. The kids return (with a cat trailing in behind them) and crawl back into their beds while the cat curled up at the space beneath Lion’s feet. Soon enough, they fell asleep with no further trouble.

I did everything that I could not to burst out laughing.

in stitches

pain scale

pain scale

One Thursday night, I came out from the shower just an hour after I have left my kids at my parents’ for the night to find a couple of missed calls from my parents on my phone.

When I called back, my mother told me that Lion and Peanut were alone in the bed room waiting for her to read a bedtime story when Lion fell and cut his forehead at the edge of the wardrobe. The cut looked deep and my father had staunched it and took Lion into A&E.

Panicked, I called The Other Half who was out on a run. He doubled home and we headed to the hospital to meet up with my father.

When I arrived at the A&E, there was Lion, still in his pajama-bottom, sitting next to my father with a ginormous bandage on his forehead. He was tired and subdued, staring at the TV screen showing Cartoon Network in the waiting area. I sat down next to him and he crawled onto my lap, looking miserable.

terrorising vending machines

terrorising vending machines

I asked Lion what happened and he told me that he was playing with Peanut when he hit his head on the cupboard. The doctor told us that as it was a blunt cut, he would need to be stitched by a plastic surgeon to minimize scarring. This can only be done in the morning so Lion would have to be admitted into hospital for the night. So my father went home and we filled up the forms for Lion to be warded.

stoned face being wheeled into ward

stoned face being wheeled into ward

Close to midnight, we finally got Lion into bed. The Other Half stayed with Lion and I went home to feed the cats and get some clothes packed for Lion and The Other Half. Needless to say, I hardly got any sleep that night and returned to the hospital at 6am, just in time to assist the nurses in sedating Lion for the surgery.

after surgery

after surgery

After the surgery, Lion had to be observed for 4 hours before I could take him home. Those were possibly the longest 4 hours of my life. The Other Half had to leave for work while my work was being attended to by my associates [Thank God for Champagne Truffle and Catholic Girl!]. He refused to lie down on the bed or take a nap [“I wanna go home!”]. He complained that the hospital smelt bad [of antiseptic]. He refused to have his temperature and blood pressure taken [“I already did this just now! No more!!”]. He insisted that he wanted to go home [“When can I go home? I wanna go home now!!!”]. He spent the duration seated on my lap or lying on the floor while I tried to stay awake and entertained him with silly songs, rocked him on my lap, used various distraction techniques including and not limited to trying to teach him how to play Plants s. Zombies on my phone until my battery ran out. Then luckily a couple of trainee paediatricians showed up with a box of toys to do some tests on him [“Do you have a Lego set?”] so I got a little bit of a reprieve. When they were done, he ate everything on his lunch plate and declared that he was done being in hospital. Luckily for both of us, the doctor agreed with him and we were allowed to leave.

He promptly fell dead asleep in the taxi on the way back to my parents’. I placed him on his mattress next to Peanut who had returned from school earlier and was taking her nap. That was when my mother told me that after the incident, Peanut had told her that she was minding her own business when Lion fell and cut his forehead. In the morning when she got up and realized that Lion was not at the breakfast table as he was in hospital, she turned pale and silent. She barely ate any breakfast and went off to school in a daze. When she returned home from school, she burst into tears and confessed to my mother that she was chasing Lion around when the incident happened.

scar face!

scar face!

We didn’t yell at them because the guilt on their little faces seemed like punishment enough. I was hoping that both of them would learn something from this incident but two days after, they are back bouncing around without any sense of danger again.

Oh well.

shapes, colours, sizes


I spent Saturday at the new place, having left the kids at my mother-in-law’s, meeting contractors then at various locations selecting tiles, toilets, ovens, sinks.

We had a quick late lunch at Terminal 3, then doubled back to pick up the kids for dinner at Oscar’s.

I turned a year older. I didn’t eat as much cake as I would have liked but I am now a home owner and I can’t wait to see what my bathroom will look like.


I ask myself a lot whether I am a good mother.

I don’t really like to clean and don’t clean all that much.
I don’t stay at home all day with the children and pander to their every need.
Sometimes I don’t answer their questions and tell them to be quiet because I have a headache.
Sometimes I troll them for fun.
And I talk about my work more than I talk about my kids really.
Sometimes I also wished they would go to bed earlier so that I can so stuff I like to do.

Then I find these notes in my handbag at work:


…and think maybe, just maybe, in spite of all of my shortcomings I might be actually doing something right.


kids at work


It’s Teachers’ Day today and the daycare is closed. So I took the kids to work with me for half  day and arranged to meet my parents for lunch around the Marina Bay Financial District. The idea is that this is an area they would ordinarily not visit on their own and there are quite a few nice places I take my clients for lunch to around the area.

I had a quick discussion with Champagne Truffle about which of the restaurants would be more suitable for my kids and parents and he started telling me about how much he disliked taking his parents out for food or coffee because they’d ask him how much it costs and give him disapproving looks. Hahaha! Luckily I don’t have that problem with my parents.

It was a great morning. I managed to do two defences and complete an advice and see Catholic Girl about a buncha her stuff. The kids hung around and drew on all the rough paper (something that we are never in short supply of in a law firm), played with our toy cars (we give them to people to explain to us how car accidents happen!) and gawk at my printer/fax/photocopier.


We didn’t manage to get a table at either of the restaurants I shortlisted though. In the end, the kiddies and I took a walk along the bay down to MBS and I took my parents to pizza at Mozza Osteria.

We then came home and took a really long nap.

It was a great day😀


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